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Audubon Maine wedding photographer

You're a pretty magnificent human being.

Seriously. Top notch.And you found, against all odds, another pretty magnificent human being. Knowing that two such excellent people do not cross paths by mere chance, the two of you have decided to get married.

This is an excellent idea.

The thing is, you're not just a magnificent couple. You're not just smart and funny and good-looking and generally wonderful to be around. You're unique.

You have something special together that you don't have with anyone else.

And you'd really like that something special to appear in every one of your wedding photos.

You're in luck.

You're not just hiring a wedding photographer. You're commissioning an artist to document one of the most important days of your life.

When you look back at your wedding photos in the years to come, you'll catch your breath. You'll grin back at the smile on your partner's face. You'll feel the emotions again and remember the way the ring felt when it slid onto your finger.

Forever after, you'll look at your photos and recognize the wedding not as it was posed but as you lived it .

And that special something the two of you have? It'll be shining out of every image.