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Brian and Patrick, The Landing, Scarborough, Maine 10/25/14

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This box is not enough to describe the unbelievable, beyond our expectations type of service that Andree provides. Starting with our engagement shoot, to wedding weekend, we were so "over the top happy" with Andree . She captured our wedding weekend like we couldn't have ever imagined. We are forever grateful and appreciative that we were able to find and secure her. When you are in the search for so many wedding needs, there is nothing like finding the right photographer. We will treasure the memories that she has provided us by capturing our family, friends and those moments that happen so fast around you. Thank you Andree. For all of you searching and trying to decide where to put your attention and investment for your special weekend, nothing compares to the investment of having Andree with you! She is AMAZING!

Jon and Jason, Bar Harbor Regency, Maine 10/11/14

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In the beginning we went through quite a few wedding photography portfolios, but when I came across Andree's work I instantly became a fan. Her perspective and skills captured the wedding perfectly. In the day and age of selfies and cell phone photography, finding a photographer with detailed skill, personality and perspective can be difficult. Thank you universe for Andree. Her ability to capture the story of the event, the emotion of the people and the magic of a situation is perfect. Her personality, ability to work with clients and genuine spirit makes her flawless. I highly recommend her and wish she lived in California so I could routinely use her services!

Alicia and Randy, Hermit Island, Phippsburg, Maine 09/25/14

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From Day 1, she was welcoming, helpful, caring, and answered EVERY question we had really quickly! She was extremely easy going with my flightiness and crazy family. Very cooperative with any wedding day schedule changes. My favorite pictures were the ones of her capturing the weather. Her journalistic approach is AMAZING! These are the minor details you forget on that day, that make you remember silly things that really are BIG memories. She has become someone that will forever be a part of our forever life.. not just our special day. I WILL be booking her again in future hands down. We love her and are so grateful for her hard work. Just remember these are moments that are captured, that go by to quickly, that end up lasting FOREVER! Our wedding was simple, and she made us feel like a million bucks AND look like a million bucks.

Judy and Nathan, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay Harbor Maine 09/09/12

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I LOVED ANDREE!! Seriously, she was the best wedding vendor we hired for sure. From the first moment we met her, I knew I wanted to work with her. I firmly believe that you have to both like the photographer's work and enjoy being around her because your photog is with you every moment of your wedding day! And Andree totally fit the bill. Her photos from her portfolio made me tear up at our first meeting (and I'm not really a crier), and I could tell just from the first couple of hours that I spent with her that she was fun, flexible, professional, and had the sense of humor I wanted (and she would need around my family!). She is also the most talented photographer I met. My husband and I opted to do an engagement photo session since he hates taking pictures and since we are roller coaster enthusiasts, we did the session at an amusement park. Andree was game with our crazy ideas and even hopped on a bunch of rides with us to get some amazing shots of us! I won't give away all her secrets, but my partner and I both had a homework assignment before the engagement session, and revealing our homework was one of my most favorite moments before the wedding (the whole session really was!). Just another way Andree is brilliant.

The day of the wedding, Andree was so great. She was calm, out of the way but yet also everywhere and captured all these great moments. I also credit her for calming me down right before our "first look." She put things in perspective after a crazy hour or so of getting ready and made me laugh – something that I so desperately needed. She also nailed the family shots before the wedding. We got through them without any awkward moments and she moved fast so people didn't really get antsy at all. And our photos… OH WOW. I still look at them and find a new favorite – a detail I didn't notice, a look I was giving my husband, a snicker from my nephew. I love them so much! Hire her - you will not regret it!

Hannah and Eric, Glen House, Newry, Maine 9/4/2011

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Andree was our FIRST choice for photographer at our wedding, she was recommended by the venue, along with several others. We looked at all the photographer's sites, and loved the journalistic approach Andree specializes in. We wanted the story of our day, not as how we remembered it, but from all different perspectives. The consultation phone call sealed the deal. Andree was professional, easy-going, and asked a lot of questions about how we envisioned our day would be. Months following up to the wedding, I'd sheepishly approach her with questions and recommendations, since I was planning my Maine wedding miles away in Chicago. She was very approachable, and helped recommend some real winners to add to my wedding roster!

When my finance and I finally arrived in Maine, we quickly set up a phone appointment where I told her I wanted to cannonball into the pool in my wedding gown. We were both so excited for the photo op, and with rain in the forecast, she helped assure me that the day would be beautiful, rain or shine!

Andree showed up EARLY, with an assistant in tow, and camera ready to start clicking away. I was running behind and a little frenzied as the final touches for the day were falling into place. I quickly introduced her, and she quickly got to work. She was very unobtrusive, that when I go through my wedding photos, I thank my stars she's so talented, because she made eyelash applying look so graceful, when in reality me and my bridesmaid were panicked.

For the rest of the day, Andree was very patient and easy to work with. We asked her to do some formal portraits, but it was really the candid shots we were after. As many brides say, the rest of the day was a blur, but I'm so very very grateful that Andree was there to take in those moments. Not just between me and my new husband, but our guests as well. When we received our proofs, we were enthralled! It was like truly re-living the day through so many different viewpoints.

It didn't just rain on the my wedding day, there was a torrential downpour. But thanks to Andree's perspective, it was just an interesting blurb to add to monumental day in my life.

Oh, and the cannonball photos turned out awesome!

Kristina and Andrew, Mount Desert Island, Maine 07/23/11

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Andree felt like an old friend at our wedding; Comfortable enough to have around in intimate moments, and comfortable enough to ignore (in a nice way).

We had talked on the phone in depth only once about our wedding when I booked, and she was accommodating enough to arrange a Skype date with me as I was visiting home in Australia at the time. It was a friendly conversation and I knew straight away that we would hit it off. Her YouTube video also played a big part. I thought she was funny, approachable, and very down-to-earth. All of the contract details and payment were sorted out over her online booking system, which was a lot easier. I could take care of filling in the blanks in my own (scarce) time. It was a no-fuss arrangement, however, I could always reach her on the phone easily when needed. Her photos speak for themselves. I am SO impressed, especially when she blended in so much on the day that I don't even know where she would have been standing/ sitting/ squatting/ climbing to get such amazing shots! I had wondered in the beginning why she had worn all black on such a warm summer day, but her little trick of blending in the background to get the best shots became apparent when we saw the photos! It was a couple of weeks to see the first selection of photos, and it was really nice that she shared them on Facebook so our friends and family could get a sneak peek also. This was pretty good considering our wedding was in the peak busy season of end July/early August. The full slew came very shortly after, and my family and friends could also access these online.

I have been trying to think of something negative to add into this review to give it extra credibility, but I honestly can't find one. I guess my hubby thought the prices were expensive, but he thought every photographer's prices were expensive, as well as everything else! So that's not a good indication. I think Andree's prices very reasonable, and you honestly get what you pay for.

We did most things ourselves in order to have more of a creative influence over our wedding (and to save the monies), including sewing my own wedding dress, neckties, tablecloths and bunting, making twig wreaths, birdseed packets, table numbers, making desserts, and even growing our own flowers for hanging baskets and bouquets. In light of all that I am so glad we spent the money on Andree as our one small indulgence. She made me look and feel like a supermodel. She showed a special spark between my hubby and I, and she brought out the happiness in my parents, crisp and clear. She captured so many little "moments" that in the blur of it all I may have forgotten, and some I didn't even realize had occurred at the time. I'm so happy that whatever happens from here on in, I have amazing photos I can show my kids one day and they will say, 'wow Mum, you were gorgeous!' Haha, guilty pleasures.

I'm all about Andree, 100% (and we are not related, friends, or I have been in no way compensated for this review!).

Kate and Cory, SkiEsta, Newry, Maine 06/25/11

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Our wedding guests are a collection of funny, emotive, fabulous and lovely people whom we adore and we knew that we wanted pictures that would capture all the craziness that would inevitably result when we had our loved ones gathered in one place for a massive celebration. We spent much time trying to create a fun and intimate affair that included the wedding elements we wanted (very few) and to make up some new traditions. We felt that Andree was absolutely the right choice to capture the spirit and tone of this type of party using her formidable photojournalism skills. She met me at my father's house as we all rushed around getting ready (we aren't great planners) and she captured all of these hysterical and touching moments before I headed to the house where the wedding was to be held. Once there, my groom, myself and our families gathered before the ceremony. She was right there, taking beautiful pictures of he and I seeing each other for the first time, doing final preparations of our vows and laughing with the family. The ceremony, performed by my mother, was a tight squeeze (I told the guests they were being too formal, and made them gather around us more closely) but she got great shots of all the laughter and tears. And the reception was a crazy bash of dancing, talking, eating, laughing, drinking and other great moments, including a toasting competition, which Andree captured in spades. She was always there at the right times and she clearly loves her job, which made her presence a pleasure and welcome addition to the party. Our family and friends are OBSESSED with the pictures and my husband and I couldn't be happier. When we look at them, we relive each moment of that day - exactly what we wanted. I cannot recommend Andree more highly.

Justin & Sabrina Camden, Maine 06/18/11

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She is just really, really, REALLY good. So personable and professional at the same time. When we needed to speak with her during the wedding, she was right there. When she wasn't speaking with us, she was so covert in taking the photos that nobody even noticed she was there. The photos were fantastic and the shots at different locations were all finished even though my wife and I thought we would have no time. Andree was able to incorporate everything we wanted and we actually weren't late for the wedding or the reception! Amazing! We couldn't recommend her with enough enthusiasm. She was perfect.

Jasmin and David, Camden, Maine 8/14/2010

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We are so glad that Andree was our photographer. Her pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and she has organized her business in such a way to make it easier for the couple to be. First, a note on her photos. Andree has a great talent. The quality of her photos is top-notch. I didn't want a wedding album that was full of pictures that looked formal and posed. Andree was fantastic at taking photos of my new husband and I in a way that was very natural and did not seem posed. The candid photos of our guests are all truly outstanding. She has captured the best side of everyone that we know and love. Photojournalism is a word that is overused by wedding photographers, and often times not deserved. Yet, looking back at Andree's photos, we love how they tell a story and enable us to relive our day. We are so happy to have such beautiful quality photos that we will keep for generations.

Working with Andree was also a delight. Throughout the entire process, she was upfront and responsive. We initially emailed Andree while she was away on vacation, and she took time out of her vacation to help us select a package. Talking to her over the phone, it was obvious that she had great wedding experience. She had a plan for taking all of the pictures that we wanted to capture, yet she was flexible at the same time. Andree's booking and payment system is so well organized that you know exactly what you are getting and you receive helpful reminders about payment due dates. On the day of the wedding, Andree and her second shooter showed up early. They scoped out the scene and took photos of the venue. During my getting ready photos, I did not feel as if Andree was intruding or in my face. Looking at my pictures now, I see that there are many close-up shots, but surprisingly I can't remember a time when I felt like she was getting too close to me. We have fantastic photos during our ceremony and reception. Again, some are close-ups, yet, nobody felt as if the photographer was intruding. Many times, we didn't even realize she was there.

We continued to receive fantastic service from Andree even after the wedding. She had our online proofs up within two weeks of the ceremony. I attended a wedding a month before my own and I had my online wedding proofs before the bride of the wedding the month prior. We couldn't be happier with having Andree as our photographer.

Caitlin and Amod, Camden, Maine 7/17/2010

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As someone who works with creative professionals on a daily basis, I can tell you that having Andree as our photographer was everything we could have wanted: she took our suggestions and input, and then ran with it to create a beautiful creative product. After talking to her and giving her a few bullet points on what we did and didn't want, she asked us about what we were planning and got a sense of how our event reflected who we were. This is where the true creative genius kicked in: we didn't have to tell her much for Andree to know just how to capture our day. She got a sense of who we were, and then went with the flow of the event to create images that we are ridiculously proud to share.

Since Andree is not one of those get in your face, stand-here-do-that photographers, in some ways I don't have enough stories about her! She blended herself perfectly into our wedding day, totally embracing the spirit of the event in a way that enabled her to truly capture the feel and uniqueness of our day, but never once did we feel like she was in any way intrusive. In fact, though she definitely hit it off with our guests, a great deal of the time we didn't realize she was there. That said, here's a bit of an overview of what a day with Andree is like.

1:00 - When Andree shows up, we're behind schedule. I have three bridesmaids attacking my head with curling irons and makeup, and I look slightly bewildered. Andree, of course, is the picture of calm. We chat for a bit and hit it off - if I wasn't getting married in 90 minutes I'd ask this woman if she wants to go for a beer. Being a wedding veteran, she manages to totally put my mind at ease. She then gets a few shots, then goes out and captures parts of the day I never would have thought to capture or known about - my bridesdude sewing up the last seam on his vest, our friend's two year old playing at the dinner table with his mother. Andree checks back in on me and despite my rushing through the preparation process, gets several lovely shots of the "transformation." After that, Andree gracefully handles the dress reveal, serving as an air traffic controller of sorts as well as photographer.

2:00 - On our way to the chapel, Andree climbs into the car with us, makes us comfortable with a little conversation, and then blends quietly into the background so my finance and I could relax together before the ceremony. The photographs of this moment in the car are heavenly.

2:30 - The chapel is tiny and packed to capacity, but Andree gets many lovely shots of the grounds, our friends doing readings and playing music for us, and the ceremony. Unlike some weddings I've seen, there was never that moment where the photographer leaps into the aisle and disrupts the flow of things - it was all perfectly natural. As part of our ceremony, my finance and I led our guests out to dance in the garden - Andree, dedicated artist that she is, ran BACKWARD over a downward slope to get the ideal shot, kicking off her shoes along the way.

4:30 - Formals. We hate formals, or at least we hate standing around looking like we're at the prom. Andree gets this immediately. She loosens us up with some wonderfully silly poses, and gets some more natural ones in as well where everyone genuinely looks happy and like themselves! She gets some wonderful shots of Amod and me in front of the mountain where we got engaged. She does a great job of corralling various relatives and getting the formals done quickly, per our request, so that we can get back to the celebration. At one point it comes out that I haven't eaten in hours, and Andree disappears momentarily and returns with a plate of food and water (it was an extremely hot day). My gratitude knows no bounds!

6:00 on - at this point, Andree blends into the crowd, alternately becoming everyone's new best friend or an invisible photography ninja as the situation dictates. She has this superpower-like ability to be exactly where she should be without anyone having to tell her - she was right in front of the slingshot for the bouquet launch (she should get hazard pay!), on the scene when an artist friend suddenly started doing Sharpie tattoos, and climbed right into the bouncy castle with our guests to get the perfect action shot.

9:00 - Andree's time is over with us, and she checks in with me to see if there's any other shots we need. After seeing how well she handled everything, we have every confidence that we have every picture we could want - and we were right. Over the next few weeks, friends who weren't able to attend told us repeatedly, after seeing Andree's photos, how beautiful, unique and fun the day was. We also marveled at how well she captured the intense color of our day - we had brightly colored fabrics and flowers throughout our wedding, and her photographs captured the vibrancy of these details and Maine summer landscape perfectly. I can't recommend Andree highly enough, whether your tastes are classic or offbeat. Both she and her photographs are exceptional examples of grace and artistry.

Kim and Mike, The Glen House, Newry, Maine, 10/10/2009

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When Mike and I started planning our wedding for October 2009, we knew what we were looking to pull off was the biggest and best party we could imagine throwing. Our wedding was to be not only a celebration of our love for each other, but also for our love for our family and friends. We knew we wanted our day documented, not simply photographed. We wanted to look at our wedding photos and feel like they actually documented our wedding. We were awestruck by Andree's work from the moment we browsed her web site, and very comfortable with her from the moment we met. She got us - our personality and what we were trying to pull off, and it was fabulous. I hate having my picture taken, but with Andree even the "formals" were a breeze. They went by super fast, and when it was just her, Mike and I walking around the property snapping shots before the ceremony, it was easy, and relaxed, and dare I say fun. For me! Having my photo taken! She gave us guidance but let us be ourselves. As a result, our photographs really show who we are and what we were feeling.

During the ceremony and reception, Andree somehow managed to be everywhere. Though our guests roamed from the tent in the lower yard, to the patio around the pool, and throughout a huge rental house. She got shots of even the most elusive camera-shy guests! Looking at the photographs, people cannot believe how all over the place she was- they never saw her! More than one person referred to her as a photography ninja - disappearing into the background to capture so many awesome shots.

One of the things that attracted us to Andree was that she was trained as a photojournalist. And, true to form, she captured the wedding as it happened. Often, guests taking pictures would appear in the pictures and we wouldn't want it any other way. No matter how much was going on in a photograph, though, it was always composed such that your eye knows the primary focus - everything else is an added bonus!

We requested a photo booth during the reception. I didn't know how much of a hit it would be! What an absolutely wonderful addition! So many great pictures came out of it - everyone hammed it up and had a great time doing it. After the wedding, our friends would giggle and ask if we'd seen the photo booth pictures yet.

The process of creating an album was so streamlined! Andree and her designer select photos and assemble a draft layout, using the images that they feel tell the story of the wedding. From there, we were able to add or remove photos as we wanted. I think this is a significant service! Many people wait too long to do their album (or never do it) because the task of choosing a couple photos from several hundred, and then creating a layout on a blank page is too daunting. With Andree we were able to come to a final layout quickly with an absolutely amazing aesthetic. The final album is gorgeous. We decided on a 12-inch square album, in burgundy leather with a goldish lizard skin accent stripe - which may sound weird but is totally beautiful and works so well with the rich autumn colors in our photographs. I look at each photograph, and can't help but smile. There is a story behind each of them. There's the one where Casey ran into the house for the rings because we forgot them when we went down the aisle. There's the one where we pretended like we had been dancing all night when the dancing hadn't even started yet - and no one will ever know! *snicker*snicker* It does indeed tell the story of our wedding, as it happened, and it is a thing of beauty.

I thoroughly recommend that you hire Andree to shoot your wedding (or family gathering, or next huge party, or any event that you really want to remember). Her photographs are more amazing than I ever could have hoped. Andree is gracious, attentive, communicative, and super easy to work with. She's an amazing photographer with a great artistic eye. There aren't many keepsakes from your wedding. Years down the road you don't want to let a stale, sanitized set of photographs alter the way you remember the day. With Andree's work, we'll remember our day as it happened because it's all right there in the photographs - from the flowers and food to the toasts and performances to the captured expressions. For that, I cannot thank her enough!

Andree was by far the best decision we made in planning the wedding. We live out of state so the choice was based solely on e-mails and a couple phone conversations but she proved to be the most exceptional and professional vendor we had. The images she took of our day speak for themselves and we are so thankful for everything she did for us. She has the absolute best attitude and was a pleasure to work with. We would HIGHLY recommend her to all!

Kevin and Claire, Vinalhaven, Maine 7/26/2008

Kevin and Clare

Andree and her partner were truly wonderful to work with, from the first conversation we had a few months before our wedding, to our shared ferry ride the day after our wedding when she took a few more shots...just because. Andree shared our idea that the pictures should not be too posed, and should match the informality of our wedding day on an island off the coast of Maine. She accomplished this by taking the greatest pictures of the bridesmaids as they got ready, by dancing with us on the dance floor and snapping hilarious candids, and by setting up a photo booth that captured people at their goofiest. Furthermore, she was warm, funny, totally at ease with our wacky families, and we hope she will come visit us in Utah soon!

Jocelyn and Nick, Poland Spring Resort, Maine 10/6/2007

Jocelyn and Nick

I wholeheartedly recommend Andree for your wedding photography (or any other events that you want recorded - special dinners, religious events, graduations, etc.). We just got married in October 2007 and Andree was our photographer, and we had an absolutely perfect experience. Andree was easily reachable via email and happy to help plan all the details. She even sent a little surprise package to thank us for signing with her! She took the time to meet with us in person and specifically tailored her work to our needs and desires. In particular, although she was very respectful to everyone involved in planning the wedding, she was clear that she felt she was contracted directly to the bride and groom, and that she would follow our wishes above anyone else. Luckily we did not have any differences of opinion between myself and other family members. Andree has a photojournalist style, which means that she likes to tell a story, from start to finish, of the wedding. She was able to capture key moments during the rehearsal dinner the night before, and she recorded the "girls" getting ready at my house before traveling with us to the ceremony and staying through the bouquet and garter tossing of the reception. This enabled her to capture amazing moments; one of my favorite pictures from the entire day is the one of my bridesmaids placing the veil on my head in the bridal room of the ceremony site, as I was looking at myself in the mirror as a "bride" for the first time. Andree's formal shots are absolutely gorgeous as well, and she had the great idea of going to a beach for some private shots of just the bride and groom after the ceremony, which gave us both incredibly beautiful pictures and special memories. She had a sense of humor in her picture-taking as well; for example, she took the "rings" picture by placing them around the necks of our cake topper figurines, and this ended up being one of our favorite pictures of the entire wedding - we even included it on our holiday card this year! All of our family and guests commented about how great Andree and her assistant were. They were personable and pleasant the whole weekend, and everyone felt comfortable around them. For myself, I was able to enjoy our entire wedding day so much because I knew that the capturing of all those precious moments was in such capable hands. We are so grateful that we chose Andree to be our wedding photographer, and I have been recommending her to everyone I know.