Sara and Anthony got married at my happy place – Sunday River.

The day was incredible- the visuals were out of this world. While both of them are avid outdoors people and knew they wanted to get married outside, a tiny part of Sara had always envisioned walking up to the doors of her wedding and stepping through them to see all of her guests, and Anthony. So what doe s good groom do? He builds a doorway and a a door.

And yes, she had ALWAYS envisioned it. Sara had her eye on Anthony from the get go. When the two of them were in grade school together they “went out”. In fact, Sara’s sister, being the good sister that she is, managed to unearth a letter sent by Sara to Anthony and, again, good sister that she is, read it in her speech to the happy couple.

Allow me to quote from it here:

Dear Anthony,

Will you go out with me? I really like you. I don’t want to go on a date or anything, just meet you at the Village Store or something.

It goes on, in detail and ends with a non-obeyed request:

P.S. Don’t show this to anyone, not even your Mom.

<3 <3 <3 Check out even more photos for this Sunday River Wedding on my Facebook page!

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