Jen and Sam had a glorious summer wedding day on the coast of Maine at The Black Point Inn last month. I had gotten to know the entire family in the months since they booked; we all met for the first time after Jen and Sam’s engagement session in Portland. All seven of us, myself, Jen and Sam and all four of the parents, sat down for a couple of meetings before the wedding day and by the time I walked in on the wedding day, I felt like an established part of the wedding. Turns out I wasn’t the only one.

This family creates bonds with everyone they come in contact with, and the closeness between the couples moms and dads was obvious from the first moment I met them. A Jewish ceremony has many opportunities for visualizing these bonds, from the signing of the ketubah the night before the ceremony to the hora and the many heartfelt and hilarious toasts.

I am so happy to have met every single person in this family and wedding, and can not wait to see where their lives as a new extended family take them!

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