When I met Hana last year in a coffee shop near where she lies, she slyly pulled out a photo and said “I think you might know my fianc√©”. And sure enough Scott and I had worked at Sunday River way way back in the day, he was a ski patroller while I shot family photos for Sharpshooter Photography. Ski patrollers and ski photographers have a natural affinity in that, on the coldest of days, they can all be found huddling in the ski patrol shack, making up excuses on why they need to stay crowded around the propane heater for another ten minutes.

But I digress, Hane and Scotts outdoor backyard wedding was perfect. I happen to love outdoor weddings in September and October, the ceremony is usually crisp and beautiful and by evening, everyone is bundling up. Only outdoorsy people brave an outdoor event in the fall, and outdoorsy people are my people. So when a bride reaches for her fleece – well she is all right by me.

It was an amazing wedding – Hana’s father was the officiant, as well as playing guitar during the ceremony. So much fun. And there were kids flying all over the place. This was a true family wedding, with s’mores, a fire pit, lawn games and crazy outdoor dancing, which I suspect some people used as a tool to get warm!

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