Katherine and Matt threw the most fabulous wedding on Peaks Island at The Inn on Peaks Island last month and it could not have been more fun!

I caught up with matt in time to join him on the ferry ride over from Portland, along with many of his guests and family. It was a real treat. once on the island, I found Katherine, who was in the throes of getting ready. Their ceremony was held right on the side lawn of the Inn. It was, of course, beautiful and very touching. And there were a few laughs shared along the way too.

Right after Katherine and Matt were introduced into their reception, they participated in a Persian sugar ceremony. This was a completely new event for me, and it consisted of the women covering the couple with a veil-like cloth and rubbing sugar over them. It is intended to sweeten the marriage. Their Iranian friends and family led the way and everyone joined in. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone- including me!

Best Wishes to the happy couple!



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