Laura and Evan’s wedding defined laid-back. It was a gorgeous affair, coordinated delightfully by Churchill Caterers, but the mood was very relaxed and chill. I photographed Laura’s cousin Betsey’s wedding a couple of years ago, so I felt like I was back among friends!

They hosted the rehearsal dinner as a lobster bake at Winslow Memorial Park in Freeport and the two families ate lobster and watched the children play as if it were a big family summer reunion.

The day of the wedding, held at the William Allen Farm in Pownall, brought a quick moving summer storm that landed over the William Allen Farm right during the ceremony. Any other bride might get a bit ruffled, but Laura took it in stride, watching the impending storm come in on the radar screen and then out the window. No big deal, she and her bridesmaids amused themselves by taking mock distress photos of Laura, pretending to be a distraught bride. Whatever will be will be.

A rainy ceremony was fine with them, and it cleared up after for a wonderful portrait session and then a rowdy dancing reception.

Many thanks to Earl Christie for second shooting with me, It is always a joy to work alongside him!

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