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How many photos do you shoot? How many do we get?

I shoot an insane number of images. We're past the days of being limited by the cost of film, and I will shoot my head off for the entire time that I'm at your disposal.

That said, wading through every single shot is more work than any newlywed couple should have to deal with, so I take the time to winnow out the best images. That'll still give you a plethora of great shots but will save you from choosing between six nearly identical ones of a single moment.

Want an exact number? About 500 photos for eight hours of coverage, which is approximately one photo per minute.

Feel free to peruse the galleries on the "Your Photos" tab to get an idea of what complete wedding coverage looks like.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes, sometimes, depending on the logistics of your wedding. She's a gofer, bag-handler, and light-wrangler; she is not a second photographer. Which is to say, she comes gratis with my services.

What do you require to hold the date?

A $1,000 retainer, a signed contract, and your blessing. One third of your total contract price, less your initial retainer, will be due 60 days before your wedding. The remaining balance is due 30 days beforehand.

Wedding planning is complicated and stressful, you know. What if I forget a payment?

My invoicing system is automated, and you'll receive an email with an easy-to-click link to remind you about when payments are due.

And since I take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and personal checks, you won't get stuck without a convenient way to pay me, either.

How long until we can see our photos?

You'll have them before the honeymoon glow has time to wear off – which is to say, usually about a month after your wedding date. Usually it takes less time, and very rarely it takes a little more, depending on what time of year you had your wedding and how many other clients booked me in the same period.

If you were married at the very height of wedding season, a month's turnaround time is about what you can expect.

What about albums?

If you're getting an album as part of your package, I'll present you with an album design for you to start working on at the same time I deliver your proofs – sometimes a little before.

The album is that keepsake you'll look through over and over again, and it takes time to get it just right, but my goal is to help you get your album completely finished in the very same year you get married.

Do you bring your own lighting? Do we need to plan for that?

I work with the ambient light as much as possible. As always, I want you to recognize your own wedding years later, and a great deal of your wedding looking like your wedding is the light.

That said, I do bring lights and flashes to every wedding and will probably use them at some point, particularly after dark.

If you're doing formal shots outside, I'll use strobes to balance the sunlight, so you won't need to squint into the sun (hardly ever a flattering look) to get a nicely lit shot.

My venue wants to know if you have liability insurance. Do you?

I do, and I'm happy to show your venue proof so they (and you) can rest easy.

What happens if you can't make it to the wedding?

The most important thing to know is that short of being hit by a bus, I will make it to your wedding. I've never once (knock wood) missed a wedding, and I never misschedule, overbook, or forget my clients.

That said, there are buses in the world, and one of them may have my name on it. If an absolute disaster of that order happens, I will call on the six extraordinary New England Photographers in my photographer's support and education group, ShootStyle. If they are unable to make it, I'll call in the second line of defense against catastrophe, which are the regional and statewide wedding photographer groups of which I am a devoted member. We all know and love each other, and are happy to run to the rescue when needed.

If the bus accident has managed to completely destroy my ability to make phone calls, my assistant is on hand to do it for me.

And since I'm not one to enjoy last-minute substitutions either, I will always be extraordinarily conscientious about crossing the street on the day before a shoot.


Who is your second photographer?

While you want to hire your main photographer as far in advance as possible, I always wait until six weeks before your wedding to hire the second photographer. Seems contradictory, but here's why:

I always use professionals as my second photographers – not assistants or amateurs or aspiring relatives. That means my second photographers are highly in demand and will want to keep their schedules open for weddings and other shoots.

Six weeks before the day, I can ask all of my best choices for second photographer and get the most talented person still available – and that gives you a brilliant second photographer for a fraction of the cost of hiring me alone.

Having a photographer who understands me, my partner, and what we're trying to create with our wedding day is essential. Are you available to discuss all of that?

Absolutely, starting whenever you like. Contact me today and tell me everything – and I'll let you know what I can do to make the images I shoot match the images you have in your head.