Wolfes Neck State Park session
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Wolfes Neck State Park session

Freeport Maine is a great location to meet up with couples planning their wedding. There is the town itself, which gives plenty of opportunity for getting to know you opportunities, and there is the the state park, Wolfe's Neck, right around the corner. with the ocean, trees, cliff wall like this one and even small fields. These two started out being a little nervous and uncomfortable, but you can see, even it this shot of them both looking straight at the camera, their smiles are natural and they are at ease. This image, takes advantage of the natural directional light of the sun to add some dimension to their faces. Great, light, clean background and best of all great facial expressions come together to make this a very strong engagement photo. The background is one of the most important parts of a great photograph, this one is clean, which means it is uncluttered. There are little bits of grass and leaves, but there is no sliver of sky or anything distracting. This is a clean easy to read image of two people clearly in love.

Location: Wolfe's Neck.

Keywords: Andree Kehn Wedding Photography (429), Black Point Inn (16), Scarborough Maine (16), Wedding (77). 1/2000; f/2.0; ISO 500; 85.0 mm.