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Betsey and Patrick
Betsey and Patrick’s wedding was a fantastic blend of family and friends, elegance and simplicity and a ridiculously good time.
The wedding was held at Betsey’s parent’s home on a private island in Freeport. The gals got ready at a neighbors house and had a great time experimenting with dresses that could be tied in a multitude of designs. Betsey’s mother’s wedding dress made an appearance. Meanwhile, the guys got ready in Yarmouth.
As every island wedding is surrounded by water, it is a great bonus to be able to take a boat to the ceremony. First the parents came over and then the boat returned for the bridesmaids and bride. A boat ride on the wedding day really sets the tone!
Of course, nothing improves a wedding more than a dog, or two, or three and Betsey and Patrick and Betsey’s parents were thrilled to oblige. Betsey and Patrick’s dog was even the ring bearer. Betsey’s father held their new puppy through his speech!