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I Believe –
That my clients deserve to have the magical wedding of their dreams, even (especially) if it does not fit into the traditions of their family or friends.
Those same clients deserve images that reflect who they are, as perfect snowflakes, to the rest of the world.
In addition to the quirky interesting images that am known for, they should have the traditional photos of the event. Even Grandma should find what she needs from their wedding photos! I deliver comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, everything from the outrageous interactions between all of your friends and family to posed formal photos of your nearest and dearest looking at the camera.
My clients commission me as an artist to create gorgeous timeless images on their wedding day. My photography is an expression of art and beauty- the images are not created in response to someone else’s expectations, but are the images that resonate with me.

I focus on fiercely independent couples. I consider myself the champion of the quirky. I love it when couples buck tradition and throw a party and a ceremony that is true to their own values.
Some couples do this in very small ways, by having cupcakes or pie instead of wedding cake and by refusing to throw the bouquet.
Others take larger risks, by having game night instead of dancing. Or eloping. Or having their dog be the ring-bearer. Or dressing a horse up as a unicorn to pull their carriage. Whatever the risk they take, I applaud it. I love to see people put themselves on the line for their beliefs and their lifestyle.
And a wedding is the perfect place to showcase how unique the two of you are as individuals and the celebrate the fabulous individual duo you are to become!